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Know about the major transportation systems of India

  1. Rail Transport:

In India, Railway is the most commonly used mode of long-distance transportation. The first railway line was laid between Bombay and Thane in 1853. Rail services have developed a lot after that. In 1950’s, the total route length was 53,596 km with 8,209 engines, 19,536 passenger bogies and 2, 06,000 goods wagons.

2.  Road Transport:

With railways, road transport plays a pivot role in the country’s transport system. It covers each and every corner of the country which the railway transport even could not cover. Road transport provides the basic infrastructural facilities to both the industrial and agricultural sector of the country.

3. Air Transport:

Air transport is essential for a vast country like India where distances are large and the terrain and climatic conditions so diverse. It is the fastest mode of transport, also it has reduced distances and converted the world into one unit. But it is also the costliest mode of transport, which is beyond the reach of many people.

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